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💠What was Your First Impression of Bitcoin?

If you have heard about Bitcoin early on, you where probably skeptical about the digital asset that your geeky friend was so excited about... Most likely because you did not understand it... What most people don't take the time to understand is that if you'd heard about Bitcoin during its inception (toward the end of the 2008 Global Rescission) and ignored the negative sentiment that many held on the asset you could have scooped up Bitcoins for less than a Dollar. At Bitcoin's peak it was almost $20,000... There is no asset in history, that has offered that type of return on investment in such a short time. Fortunately, Bitcoin is only 11 years old and Blockchain Technology is just getting started.

💠The Future of Banking and Blockchain

I'm sure you know that you can send a message to someone on the opposite side of the globe in seconds using a smartphone and an internet connection via email, direct messaging apps, and social media...  But did you know, before Bitcoin, the fastest way for an individual to get money across the globe was for them to fly it there.. That was until the invention of cryptocurrency. Now money or "value" can be sent through a "Blockchain" in a matter of minutes or seconds depending on the currency you use. Blockchain may ultimately replace the current Financial System's methods of payments and transfers, due to the liquidity influx, superior speed, increased savings, security and transparency.

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💠Our Chance at Generational Wealth

Since Their  Inception, about 11 years ago, Cryptocurrencies have out preformed all asset classes. There are no signs that this trend is over and you would be wise to "fill your bags" with crypto today... We believe in a long term, dollar cost averaging trading strategy for beginners. Only once you become more familiar with the volatility in the cryptocurrency markets we suggest you to dabble in day trading or swing trading. This is where the greatest wealth potential exist but not without risk.


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