Updated: Aug 25

Do You Want To Learn How You Can Make A Second Source of Income Trading Cryptocurrency?

Well Good... You Came to The Right Place... First You Must Decide If You Want To Be a Long Term Investor or If You Wish To Be a Swing and Day Trader... We Recommend a Healthy Blend.. We have 60% of Our Crypto Portfolio Invested For The Long Term, And We Trade With The Other 40% in Medium Risk Positions. We Find This Strategy To Be Extra Lucrative For the Savvy Crypto Investor Who Can Amplify Their Gains By Taking Advantage Of Short Term Volatility, and Increase Their Long Term Holdings.

Long Term Crypto Investing: Most People Have This Idea That Bitcoin Will Be $5 Million One Day. Although, Bitcoin Is Very Likely Going To See Some Dramatic Gains Over The Coming Years, Its Not With Out Risk... Crypto Trading and Investing Are Both Risky And Lucrative, But to Blindly Follow The Pack and Believe BTC will be Worth Millions doesn't seem like a Logical Play. We Do Belief There Are Many Projects That Will Offer Unbelievable ROI, But We Recommend Everyone Goes Into Both Short Term Trades and Long Term Investments With An Exist Strategy.. Many Investors In 2017 Watched Their Portfolio's 10x and 100x Over The Course of Months and Did not Sell... They Watched All Of their Profits Disappear As Most Crypto's Re-correct 80%-95%. Some of These People Sold At a Lose Or Are Still Holding Their Crytpo Wait For the Next Pump... Please Don't Make This Mistake and Learn To Take Profits Incrementally From Your Positions As They Go Parabolic.. We Recommend Beginners Start Their Crypto Careers on Coinbase.. They Offer A User Friendly Interface Making Investing Easy To Understand, And Allow a Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy, Where You Can Buy Small Amounts of Crypto Everyday, Week or Month ... Click Here And Receive $10 in BTC When You Convert $100 USD in Crypto on Coinbase... For Safe Storage Of Your Crypto Assets We Recommend You Take Your Crypto off the Exchanges and Hold Them In Cold Storage on a Hardware Wallet, Or You Stake Your Crypto On Block-Fi and Receive Interest On Your Cryptocurrencies... This Offers You The Chance To Make Passive Income From your Crypto While It Collects Interest Daily...

Short Term Trading: By Trading Crypto You Are Able To Take Advantage of The Price Going Up and Down... This Is A Game Changer Once You Know How To Manage Your Risk. We Primarily Do Our Trading On, They Allow Up To 5x Leverage And Have All The Tools Needed to Make Trading Crypto Less Worrisome. Stop Looses and Take Profits are Necessary Tools For A Successful Trade. All Trades Should Only Be Executed If You Know Where You Wish To Buy and Where You Wish To Sell.. It's All About Having A Plan And Sticking To It, But Surprisingly This Is Very Hard For Many People To Do, As Fear and Greed Often Overwhelm Their Decision Making Leading Them Toward Failure. Has Many Tutorials To Help You Learn How You Use The Platform And Start Trading Profitably.. >> KRAKEN.COM<<

Our Mentorship: If You Are Looking For A Little Extra Help Finding Trading Plans And Set-Ups, Check Out Our Private Mentorship... The Average Person Who Works a Full-Time Job And Wants To Invest Does Not Typically Have Enough Time In The Day To Read News Articles, Research Trade Opportunities, And Do Technical Analysis. We Simplify This Process By Aggregating All Three Into A Single Service Within Our Private Trading Group. Whether You Are New to Cryptocurrency Trading Or An Intermediate Trader, Our Community Of Skilled Analysts And Traders Are Here For You > > <<